Society and Technology

Invisibly Aligned

Technology is constantly running in the background. Undoubtedly, it has solved more problems than we know. These are the stories of how geospatial tech unexpectedly affects our lives.

Our Philosophy

Understanding societal values in technology design is critical for its success and intended use, though more often than not there are unintended consequences. The intersection of society and technology and its accidental uses provide interesting and compelling stories of how tech unexpectedly affects our lives.


Danika Kelly, Co Founder and CEO of My Normative, discusses how fitness apps and wearables are based on the “normative man” and how women’s unique physiological factors (such as menstrual cycles) aren’t accounted for. Kelly and her team have developed an app specifically for women that addresses these gaps.


Matt Lowe, Co-founder and CEO of Zerokey discusses how factories have changed with digitization including what capabilities humans have versus machines in an industrial environment and how geospatial technology has cut down on mistakes and miss-manufacturing.


Joining us in this episode is Dr. Josh Johnston. He is the Principal Investigator for the WildFireSat mission, and a career wildland firefighter. Why is managing fire important? The truth is that fire isn’t always a bad thing. The fire is a natural means of keeping the forest healthy and actually plays a large role in stimulating new growth.

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